Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Ought to be in Pictures

With a tip of the hat to Charlie Dieterich, Starr King student, cinematographer, scientist, engineer, and all around great guy.

Charlie videorecorded my mock interview. Not only did he record my performance, he used a 2nd camera and picture-within-picture to record the responses of the mock panel.

Afterward, I happen to mention to him that I only knew a few of the members of the MFC. I thought it would be an advantage to know who was whom in advance. The material from Boston gives you a short bio on each member, but no clue what they look like.

Charlie had a great idea. He suggested Googling everyone and copying their images into a Word document. Googling provided me more info about each member of the Committee.

I pasted the pictures on a mirror and set about memorizing everyone's names and faces. It was a good investment of time.

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